Thursday, November 13, 2014



French Breakfast Radish - The mildest of the bunch. Pair it with soft butter and sea salt. easy appetizers.

Globe Radish - Both spicy and crisp. Perfect for tortilla and soups. also perfect toppers. comes in colors. purple, white, pink, and red. Easter egg radishes. 

Watermelon Radish - Large and dense, with a subtle pepper flavor. peel and shave and toss with thinly sliced vegetables. 

Taste like a peppery, Crunchy, and are colorful. 

Choosing or picking the ripe radishes - Feel firm not spongy when squeezed. Skin should be vibrantly colored and free of cracks. leaves should be green not yellow or withered. Globe looking shape. 

The leaves draw moisture from the root. 

remove leaves as soon as you pick or get home. 

Leaves could be chopped up and used for salads and pasta salads. 

Radishes can be refrigerated in a plastic sealed bag or air tight container. 

Store for a week 

To revive shriveled radishes, shook then in ice bath for 20 minutes. 

Best served raw or with a dip. 

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