Thursday, November 13, 2014

Cooking and Baking Terms

Cooking or Baking Terms

  • Beat - Mix ingredients vigorously with spoon, fork, wire whisk, hand beater or electric mixer until smooth and uniform. 
  • Boil - Heat liquid until bubbles rise continuously and break on the surface and steam is given off. for rolling boil. the bubbles form rapidly. 
  • Chop - Cut into coarse or fine irregular pieces with a knife, food chopper, blender or food processor. 
  • Cube - cut into squares 1/2 inch or larger. 
  • Dice - Cut into squares smaller than 1/2 inch. 
  • Grate - Cut into tiny particles using small rough holes of grater citrus peel or chocolate. 
  • Grease - Rub inside surface of a pan with shorting, using pastry brush, piece of waxed paper, or paper towel, to prevent food from sticking during baking as for some casseroles. 
  • Julienne - Cut into thin, match like strips, using knife or food processor. Vegetables, fruits, meats. 
  • Mix - Combine ingredients in any way that distributes them evenly. 
  • Saute” - Cook foods in hot oil or margin over medium high heat with frequent tossing and turning motion. 
  • Shred - Cut into long thin pieces by rubbing food across the holes of a shredder, as for cheese, or by using a knife to slice very thinly, as for cabbage. 
  • Simmer - Cook in liquid just below the boiling point on top of the stove. Usually after reducing heat from a boil. Bubbles will rise slowly and break just below the surface. 
  • Stir - Mix ingredients until unformed consistency. Stir once in a while for stirring occasionally. Often for stirring frequently and contentiously for stirring constantly. 
  • Toss - Tumble ingredients such as green salad lightly with a lifting motion, usually to coat evenly or mix with another food. 

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