Saturday, November 15, 2014


Ramps - Both the bulbs and tender leaves have a bracing onion flavor with the intense garlic aroma. Chop and saute in scrambled eggs, or grill whole to serve with roast, chicken and steak. 
Scallions - The most ubiquitous of the bunch. Sweet and herbaceous, with the familiar onion kick. Eat the white and green parts raw in salads, cooked in stir fries, or whizzed into cream cheese and sour cream for dips. 
Spring Onions - These small young bulbs are fresher and mellower than standard onions. Grill or roast whole, thinly sliced and marinate, or batter and fry into worlds sweetest onion rings. 
Leeks - These delicious stems are related to both garlic and onions. They require some work but are silky once cooked. Discard the dark green stalks, then chop and wash the light green parts as well in a bowl of water. Braise in white wine or chop and add to a ham quiche.

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