Tuesday, December 2, 2014

All about eggs


 Fill an empty eggshell with soil and seeds. when a sprout appears, plant the shell, which will become compost.
 When a recipe calls for an egg, usually it is a large egg that they are referring to.
 When whipping egg whites, make sure the beaters and bowl are free of greasy residue, or the white won't whip.
 For more volume when beating egg white, let the whites stand to room temperature before beating. use a glass or metal bowl not plastic with a tapered bottom and wide top. Egg whites expand six times when beaten, so be sure the bowl is large enough.
 To prevent yolks from mixing with the whites, separate the eggs in a small bowls before adding them to your large mixing bowl.
 Pasteurized eggs have been heated to a temperature that destroys disease producing bacteria but does not cook the eggs. These eggs are safe for eating without additional cooking. Each egg is marked pasteurized in carton.

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